Greenleaf Ecology

Professional ecological survey and assessment


Habitat and botanical survey
Greenleaf Ecology services range from phase 1 habitat survey and mapping up to more detailed botanical survey work, including National Vegetation Classification (NVC) and rare plant survey. Our surveyors are experienced botanists who are active members of the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.

Bat survey
Our experienced bat surveyors undertake services including the following:
  • Visual assessment of trees and structures such as buildings and bridges for potential roost suitability;
  • Manual activity surveys;
  • Bat call analysis using specialist software;
  • Long-term monitoring using passive/ static ultrasound recording;
  • Supervision of construction work under licence; and
  • Post-construction monitoring of bat boxes and bat activity.

Terrestrial mammal survey
Greenleaf Ecology provides survey for protected species as part of an initial 'walkover' survey and is experienced in more specific and detailed survey for badger, otter, deer, red squirrel and other protected species.

Amphibian and reptile survey
Our ecologists are experienced in reptile and amphibian survey and assessment.

Ecological due diligence and constraints survey
Greenleaf Ecology provides advice on the likely ecological constraints to development and assesses their likely significance. This process occurs before any more formal Ecological Impact Assessment or Appropriate Assessment and generally comprises a desktop study, walkover of the site and reporting on the constraints and opportunities of the site.